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Friday, May 26, 2017

Nick Heyward & India Dupre - The Mermaid And The Lighthouse Keeper (2006)

Faithful readers of this blog know I'm a big fan of Nick's work and have been since I happened across Pelican West in 1982 and North Of A Miracle the following year. So I ordered this self-released CD from Nick's website - it was available for a time on iTunes, but I don't see it there today (it's downloadable/streamable* at Amazon, however). And now that I look, I don't see it available on Nick's website, either. Can't even find any online reviews of the album, for that matter, so maybe I'm breaking ground here, eleven years after the fact.

This is a collaborative effort with India Dupre who promotes herself as an actress so don't ask me how these two got together. (update: on page 41 of the August 2017 edition of Classic Pop magazine, Dupre is characterized as Heyward's ex-girlfriend, so there ya go.) And because of the lack of credits in the liner notes, don't ask me how much she had to do with the writing and production of the album. Her thin vocals are present on all songs is the most I can tell you.

I don't know if it's because of the collaboration, but this isn't Nick's best effort. The laid back love songs aren't bad, but they all sound the same after a while and none of them stand out in ways a Heyward song should. It probably goes without saying, but I would like to hear a solo Heyward version. Even having written all that, I like the album good enough and the CD gets played around here a few times a year. 

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Not released in US

Tracks: The better tracks are Indian Summer, Secret Garden, 14 Summers, and Talk To Me. I usually skip track 10, Santorini, which bears no resemblance to a Heyward tune.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None, but Nick signed my CD booklet before mailing it to me and I like that.

*are these even real words?

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