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Friday, July 6, 2012

Nick Heyward - The Apple Bed (1998)

UK Import

Note: the CD I own is not the 2011 reissue.

Heyward's two albums from the 1990's issued on the Creation label (this album and 1995's Tangled) flopped commercially but are solid pop albums that sound like a combination of XTC, labelmates Oasis, and late-era Beatles. I could go on and on about any Heyward album, but I think this excerpt of a review from sums it up nicely: "It ends up being the sort of album everyone wished McCartney would make in the '90s, but didn't quite. Luckily, Heyward took care of it." 'Nuff said.

Peak on the US Billboard 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: I've already reviewed two CD singles from this release (Stars In Her Eyes and Today). Other favorites are Closer, The Goodbye Man, and Dear Miss Finland. I'm a confessed hardcore fan so I don't skip any tracks. There's a hidden track which usually bothers me, but since its a reprise of sorts of the song Closer, I don't mind. Sorry, Holly, there aren't any available clips of these songs, so I'll guess the record label must have really clamped down on YouTube. However, you can check out samples here.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: This is one of the first import CDs I ordered online. That was a big deal in the late '90s (at least to me). I think the website was which was later bought out by CDExpress which I haven't used to date.

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