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Monday, January 23, 2012

Nick Heyward - He Doesn't Love You Like I Do (1993)

CD Single, UK Import

He Doesn't Love You Like I Do was the lead single from Heyward's 1993 release From Monday To Sunday. It didn't chart in the US and only reached #58 in the UK. Still, there's something about Heyward's songwriting that's I've always liked.

Tracks: The single is good, the second track (is it still called a "b-side"?) is just okay. The true gems on this single are the acoustic versions of Blue Hat For A Blue Day and Whistle Down the Wind which are songs originally from Heyward's wonderful 1983 album North Of A Miracle.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: This single was one of my first discoveries on that newfangled thing called the Internet around 1996. I had no personal income at the time, so the discovery of import CD websites was probably not a good thing.

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