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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Various Artists - Valley Girl: More Music From The Soundtrack (1995)

Follow up to 1994's Valley Girl: Music From The Soundtrack. Lots of New Wave music. According to the liner notes, songs fall into one of three categories: 1) song in the movie and included on the original 6 track "mini-album" official soundtrack release, 2) song in the movie but not on the original soundtrack, and 3) music not in the movie, but popular in the early '80s.

  • Girls Like Me1 - Bonnie Hayes With The Wild Combo: A fun high energy song heard over the opening credits. One of the better songs in the film.
  • Eaten By The Monster Of Love2 - Sparks: Not a great song, but it is funny to hear the backup singers yell "Don't let it get me!" every time the monster of love is mentioned.
  • Mickey3 - Toni Basil: previously heard on Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s, Vol. 5. Here's what I wrote then: Not bad for a choreographer in her late 30s. This painful now even though I liked the song back in '82. Surprisingly, I never heard any controversy related to the lyrics, "So come on and give it to me anyway you can. Anyway you want to do it, I'll take it like a man." Maybe I'm reading too much into that?
  • Zero Hour (Original Version)3 - The Plimsouls: This group made an appearance in the movie as a club band, but this song did not. This sounds like typical early '80s indie power pop.
  • He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'2 - Bananarama: I don't remember song this from the film, but that doesn't mean anything. It's typical fun Bananarama silliness.
  • In The Name Of Love3 - Thompson Twins: The T-Twins are one of my '80s guilty pleasures. This song should have been a bigger hit in '82. I think it was remixed and re-released later in the decade.
  • The Earthquake Song3 - Little Girls: a bad Beach Boys knock off with some of the most horrible lyrics I've ever heard. Ex: "There's a building chasing me." There's nothing quite like a bouncy pop song about a natural disaster. [eye roll]
  • Do You Really Want To Hurt Me2 - Culture Club: I want to dislike Culture Club because Boy George is a mess, but I can't help but like this smooth pseudo-reggae hit.
  • Cool Places3 - Sparks & Jane Wiedlin: previously heard on Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s (1994) Vol. 9. Here's what I wrote then: I only heard this song once or twice back in high school, but was reintroduced to it through this CD. Fun stuff. Right up my alley, I can't believe I didn't buy the album back in '83.
  • Town Called Malice2 -The Jam : I love this song. I normally wouldn't think that a heavy British accent would work over a Motown groove, but it does.
  • I Eat Cannibals3 - Total Coelo: another cut also on Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s (1994) Vol. 9. Here's what I wrote then: Another Banarama knock-off. Horrible lyrics include such lines as "We are what we eat/you're my kind of meat." I just lost my appetite.
  • Time To Win2 - Gary Myrick & The Figures: Move along. Nothing to hear here.
  • Voo Doo3 - Rachel Sweet: previously heard on Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s, Vol. 8. Here's what I wrote then: Was unfamiliar with this group and song until I heard it on this CD, and I was okay with that. Not a bad song, just not very memorable.
  • Marina Men3 - Valley Girls: Answer song to Frank Zappa's Valley Girl. Harry Shearer is featured as the marina man! Hilariously bad. It's so bad, I encourage you to take the time to listen to this disaster:

  • Pocket Pool3 - Killer Pussy: subtle.
  • Shelly's Boyfriend1 - Bonnie Hayes With The Wild Combo: embarrassingly catchy New Wave. This track and Girls Like Me are available for free download from Bonnie's website.
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None. There's a lot of crossover between this CD and the Just Can't Get Enough series because they are all released by Rhino. Normally this would upset me, but I'm such a fan of Rhino's compilations and re-releases, that I'll give them a break.

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