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Friday, January 18, 2013

Nick Heyward - Kite (1993)

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Kite was Heyward's biggest solo hit in the US, peaking at #107.  He's obviously more well-known in his native UK, but I've remained a faithful US fan of his pop. Heyward calls the song Kite his "crowning pop moment," but I'd have to disagree with him there.  This single comes from Heyward's From Monday To Sunday album.

Tracks: All three tracks are pleasant enough with an indie '90s sound.Of the b-sides included here, Women In Love is good enough to have been included on the album.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: With the dawn of the Internet came a desire for me to hunt down every song Heyward ever released, which meant purchasing a lot of singles for the b-sides.  Now, those b-sides have all been included in repackaged "Deluxe Editions."  I know those things are just a money grab for the record labels, but I just can't help myself.

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  1. Of the song "Kite" is rumored to exist an extended version. It is supposed to be on the ultra-rare 12 inch single only a couple of people have seen and probably only exists as a demo. I am the compliler of Nick's discography on RateyourMusic. Unfortunately hardly every song by Nick is released on an official CD or a download.