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Monday, January 28, 2013

Haircut One Hundred - Live At The IndigO2 28th Jan 2011 (2011)

UK import.

Recorded two years ago today, this is an obscure live album from an obscure, short-lived '80s pop band.  As far as I can tell, this 2 disc set is only available from the band's website.  The goal was to reassemble the band and play their 1982 album, Pelican West, in its entirety.  Since that album is one of my favorites, it's fun to hear the band play together again.  The main problem with this recording is that it seems that someone set up the equipment, pressed the record button at the beginning of the show, sat back and enjoyed the show, then pressed the stop button when it was all over.  In other words, there's no editing and no production to speak of.  One of the sound engineers wrote on his blog that "The whole gig was recorded live straight off my desk and burnt live to CDr and then sold as people left the venue."  And that's what it sounds like. So, in addition to some poorly mixed music, we get to hear the band walk on stage, tune their instruments, wish various audience members a happy birthday, etc.  All this plus Nick Heyward's nonsensical between song patter. Understandably, there's a point where an audience member can be heard yelling, "Get on with it!"  I guess the band felt they had to stall and jibber-jabber between songs to stretch a 40 minute album into a 2 hour show.  The whole set is under-rehearsed and sloppy, but I think the band just wanted to have some fun, throw their fans a bone, and make a little spending money while they were at it.

In 2004, all 6 band members were brought together by VH1 as a part of their Bands Reunited series.  4 of the 6 band members made this recorded 2011 reunion; missing were percussionist Mark Fox and saxophonist Phil Smith.  Also missing are liner notes; not even a track listing, so here's a pic of the set list:

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks:  The first disc (clocking in at 56 minutes) contains the first 8 tracks of the original 12 track album.  Not really any surprises here; the band's goal was to recreate the album and, with the exception of a misguided rap attempt during Marine Boy and an audience singalong during Fantastic Day, they do just that.

The second disc (59 minutes) contains the final 4 tracks of the album and the 4 song encore which included replays of 3 singles from the album.  Singer Nick Heyward even weakly admits, "We've kind of run out of songs that we know."  I don't think the audience minded a bit.  The band even attempts a song titled Coming Home, which was written to end the Pelican West album but didn't make the final cut.  (Heyward eventually revised Coming Home and recorded it as When It Started To Begin on his North Of A Miracle solo album.) 

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  None.  As with most live albums, this is just a curiosity to be listened to only occasionally.  Still, the original album is still in heavy rotation around here, especially during my summers.

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