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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Greatest Hits of Nick Heyward & Haircut 100 (1996)

UK Import

Originally purchased for all the 12" versions, I think I've already covered these tracks elsewhere on the blog.  Let's find out...

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart:  Did not chart

  1. Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) (12" version) - track 17 on Pelican West
  2. Love Plus One - track 2 on Pelican West, track 8 on The Best of Nick Heyward & Haircut 100, track 16 on Ultimate New Wave Party 1998, and track 4 on Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s, Vol. 5.
  3. Fantastic Day (live) - this is one of 4 different live versions of this song currently in my collection.  So while this version hasn't appeared on the blog until now, it is very similar to the live versions that appear on Live At The IndigO2 28th Jan 2011, Postcards From Home, and North of a Miracle.
  4. Nobody's Fool (12" version) - track 15 on Pelican West and track 14 on The Best of Nick Heyward & Haircut 100.
  5. Whistle Down the Wind - track 6 on North of a Miracle, track 7 on The Best of Nick Heyward & Haircut 100, and track 14 on Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s, Vol. 10.
  6. Take That Situation (Rhythm Mix) - track 11 on the bonus disc of North of a Miracle
  7. Blue Hat For A Blue Day - track 2 on North of a Miracle and track 6 on The Best of Nick Heyward & Haircut 100
  8. On A Sunday (12" version) - identical to the album version, track 4 on North of a Miracle
  9. Love All Day (And Night) - track 11 on Postcards From Home
  10. Warning Sign (12" version) -  track 12 on Postcards From Home.
  11. Over The Weekend (12" version) - Finally a studio version that has yet to appear on this blog.  The original appears on Postcards From Home and this 12" version is a typical '80s extended mix with added percussion and synths, lengthened intro, outro, and breakdown in the middle.  The song also received a slowed and smoothed remix titled Over The Weekend (And Into The Cornfield Part Two) which appears as a bonus track on the Postcards CD.
  12. Laura - track 4 on The Best of Nick Heyward & Haircut 100.
  13. The Kick Of Love - track 8 on North of a Miracle.
  14. Calling Captain Autumn (12" version) - another track that hasn't appeared elsewhere so there is apparently a need to keep this compilation in my collection.  The original version was the closing track on Pelican West.  Love the horn and guitar parts on this one. This 12" version adds an additional sax solo to the party.
  15. Goodbye Yesterday (12" version) - track 14 on Postcards From Home
  16. The Day It Rained Forever - track 9 on North of a Miracle.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  I bought this not long after it was released and I would play it on a Sony CFD-8 boombox (like the one pictured below) as I worked in the garden.  That was probably summer of 1997. The 12" version of Goodbye Yesterday received more playings than the other tracks.

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