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Friday, February 7, 2014

Nick Heyward - You're My World (1988)

UK Import CD Single

So with a blog titled "The CD Project" you'd think that I would have several Mini CD singles (aka CD3), but until recently I didn't have one.

Standard CD and CD3

While they remained popular in Japan for quite some time, the 3.1 inch CD single had a relatively short life span in the US from about 1988-90.  I think the aim was to replace the vinyl 45 and cassingle format, but after a while the record companies simply put less music on a standard size (4.7 inch) CD for singles.   It didn't help that the CD3 required an awkward adapter to play in many standard CD players:

Anyways...I didn't have a CD3 and thought I should acquire one for blog purposes so I found this 4 track Heyward single recently on eBay.  Not only did it fill a format void in my collection, I discovered new Heyward music that I didn't have in my collection.  Win-win!  So after scolding myself for not acquiring this disc earlier, I sat down and gave it a listen.

Peak on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart: Did not chart (peaked at #67 in the UK)

Tracks:  The first two tracks, the single You're My World and Pizza Tears, appear on Heyward's album I Love You Avenue (1988, Reprise).  The third track is an extended version of You're My World, clocking in at 6:51.  It's a solid dance remix that incorporates all the elements of dance remixes of the time, including too much echo, and drum break in the middle, and a heavier bass line than the original.  A fun synth solo was also added.  The final track, Strange Life, was entirely new to me.  It's an enjoyable Erasure-style dance tune and while it isn't Heyward's strongest song, it's new-to-me Heyward and that's always welcome in this house.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  None.

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