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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The B-52's - Bouncing Off the Satellites (1986)


Since it took the B-52's three years to release another album after Whammy!, I had given up on new material long before 1986. In fact, I was unaware of this album until the "Lost Summer of Mark" in 1988, when a girlfriend introduced me to it.  It's a very uneven affair, even for the B-52's.  While recording this album (or soon after, reports vary), the band lost its guitarist Ricky Wilson to complications from AIDS/HIV and the band just needed some time to mourn and recover.  Fortunately, the band would later team-up with Nile Rodgers and Don Was and have a huge comeback.

The only song I remembered from 1988 was Wig, which I loved because of the sheer goofiness of it.  So I picked up the CD and, while I'm glad to have a recording of Wig, I'm not wild about the rest of the album.  Maybe if I had heard it in the summer of '86, I'd think differently.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #85 (Oct 11, 1986)

Tracks:  Obviously, my favorite is Wig, but Summer Of Love isn't terrible.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  In 1995, a clever publisher took the lyrics from Wig, got a wacky illustrator, and put out a children's book.  I bought the book in '98, probably about the same time I bought this CD.  Our copy was read quite frequently to my boys.  When my youngest was in first grade, I would occasionally go read to his class.  Once, I read the Wig book to them, then played the song from this CD while we all danced. 

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