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Friday, April 21, 2017

Genesis - Invisible Touch (1986)

Note: this release was originally purchased as a cassette tape, later replaced by a CD

A hugely popular album in which 5 of its 8 tracks were top 5 pop hits, including the group's only US #1 hit, the title track. I played the heck outta my cassette in '86, so when I recently saw this CD in a used bin, I thought I'd pick it up to remind myself of the other three tracks. Plus, it's a great road trip album and I've been on the road a bit more than usual of late.

Robert Christgau gave it a C+, but Patrick Bateman calls the album the group's "undisputed masterpiece." (NSFW)

On a side note, that's one of the worst album cover designs ever put out by Assorted iMaGes. And it got worse...

Billboard, June 6, 1987
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Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #3

SongHot 100AC Rock
Invisible Touch131
Throwing It All Away 411
Land of Confusion     4
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight 389
In Too Deep     3134

While the singles are more like Phil Collins' solo stuff (particularly In Too Deep), there are a few times when the group's prog-rock beginnings* are allowed to peep through on songs like Domino. Also, I had forgotten than Tonight, Tonight, Tonight was actually a 9 minute cut with an extended middle section edited out of the single version. I also forgot how much I liked the album closer, an Miami Vice soundtrackish instrumental titled The Brazilian.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: see this previous post. I suppose I found much refuge in the music of 1986 because my job was so terrible. Still, I wouldn't trade that summer for anything.

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*I want credit for not using the phrase "the group's prog-rock genesis"

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