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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Flim & The BB's - Big Notes (1985)

These guys were great session musicians that were sidetracked by their love of the emergent digital technology. As a result, the music sounds as sterile as if it were recorded in an operating room. Heck, even one of the publishing companies on this CD is named "Music As Software" and it's released on the Digital Music Products label. This album was recorded direct-to-digital; there's no engineer or mixer listed in the credits and it doesn't sound like the music was mixed at all. That's a shame because when they focus on the music, it can be very adventurous smooth jazz (how often do you hear that adjective-noun combination?). I'm being unnecessarily harsh because, in my mind, I can hear what could have been.

Billboard, February 1, 1986, p. 80
What are these "non-CD fans" they mention?

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart
Peak on the US Billboard Top Compact Discs Pop chart: #21 

Tracks: All recording preferences aside, the better compositions are Heart Throb, At The Hop,and Atosha. The track Funhouse seems like the guys got a new synth and they're just playing around testing its sounds a capabilities (to be fair, there's a bit of that on each track).

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I had college buddies that were gaga over this group, so I heard their recordings often around the time of release.

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  1. Would you believe I have always read the name of the group as Film & the BB's?

    Thanks for clearing that up. Good to know I'm still an idiot.