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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flim & The BB's - Vintage BB's (1991)

A "best of" compilation covering the band's recordings for DMP in the years 1982-91. This instrumental jazz group were some of the first musicians to utilize digital recording back in the late '70s. As a result, the band attracted music technology geeks as well as jazz geeks. There were several guys I went to college with who were ape over this group. I had one CD by the band, 1984's Tunnel, but I got rid of it not long after I bought it. This band's albums were similar to Yellowjackets; the music has some catchy tunes, the writing and arranging isn't derivative (except for a couple of pseudo-reggae tracks), and the playing is very good. What I don't like is the sound of their recorded music. It's all very present and seems as if there was no mixing done at all. For example, I'm listening to a piano solo right now and it is overpowered by the bass and drums in the mix. I've heard better balance from amateur groups. To the band's credit, these are some of the few jazz or pop recordings I've heard that have any dynamic contrast. As a result, you can't really listen to this CD in the car.

Tracks: I enjoy High Roller, Cakewalk, and Light At The End Of The Tunnel. The mix is so bad on the song Heart Throb, there are snare drum shots that sound more like gunplay than music (no, I don't think that was the intent). Hands down, the worst track here is Someday, a weak attempt at a power ballad with needless lyrics put to a melody that would have worked best as an instrumental.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I bought this disc at a used CD store in Victoria (Texas, not British Columbia), so it reminds me of driving to Victoria for some graduate classes.

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