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Monday, October 31, 2011

Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost (2009)

Disappointing. It's probably unfair to compare this CD to the duo's previous albums, but they set their own standard, they have to live with it. I realize the downbeat fad is past and the market for that music isn't what it used to be, but this thing is too experimental and inconsistent for me. Not a fan of the new singer's voice. Ah well, you can't get a hit every time at the plate. In the words of Alan Ranta from PopMatters: "Fans coming to this expecting a Zero 7 album will likely find it thoroughly disorienting and/or frustrating, which is the opposite effect their first three albums produced."

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #142 (Oct 17, 2009)

Tracks: Most are unlistenable - the opening track is just studio experimentation and that's followed by Mr McGee and later by Medicine Man, both which sound like something from Britney Spears. Where's the downbeat stuff I expect from Zero 7? The tracks worth ripping to iTunes are Swing, Everything Up (Zizou), Pop Art Blue, and The Road.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: This one doesn't get many spins.

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