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Friday, April 5, 2013

Various Artists - World Groove II: From Madrid to Rio (2004)

This is from a series of world music CDs available from World Market. Some originals and some covers of older pop tunes from the covered by global artists. Don't be fooled, the "world" mainly means Latin music. Hit or miss.

  • Volare (Nel Di Pinto Di Blu) - Gipsy Kings, made famous by Dean Martin in 1958: A novelty.  Granted, it's a high-energy novelty, but a novelty nonetheless.
  • Paint It Black - Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra, originally by the Rolling Stones in 1966: A good cover in a flamenco style much like the opening of the original. Better than anything I'd heard from Liebert on other albums.
  • Suavecito - Los Hidalgo, originally by Malo in 1972: It's a well-written song to begin with and this straight-ahead cover doesn't move much from the original except in language.  I like.
  • Tren De Largo Recorrido (Long Train Running) (Live) - La Union, originally by the Doobie Brothers in 1978: nothing new here, just a Spanish language version.  The fact that it's a live recording means we're treated to audience sing-along.
  • Bailame - Amparo Sandino and The Gypsy Kings: Not my thing
  • La Bamba - Los Lobos, folk song made famous by Ritchie Valens in 1958:A big hit from the 1987 movie soundtrack.  The original climbed to #22 on the charts; this remake held the #1 spot for three weeks in the summer of 1987.
  • Garota De Ipanema (Girl From Ipanema) - Antonio Carlos Jobim: I've never heard this version, in which Jobim plays and sings his most famous composition. I prefer the version on Getz/Gilberto, but this'll do because it's such a fantastic song.
  • Wave (Vou Te Contar) - João Gilberto, originally by Antonio Carlos Jobim in 1967: I've never heard this version, in which Gilberto plays and sings. I prefer the version on Wave, but this'll do because it's such a fantastic song.
  • So Nice (Summer Samba) - Bebel Gilberto: a perfect song from a perfect album.
  • Salsa De Noche - Gypsy Kings: The third GK song on this compilation, but this is an enjoyable laid-back instrumental.  Worth hearing.
  • Paradiso (Amiata Media) - Los Reyes: a.k.a. cousins of the Gypsy Kings.  Sounds like the Gypsy Kings wrote background music for a show at SeaWorld.
  • Brown Eyed Girl - Steel Pulse, originally by Van Morrison in 1967: Yay!  The best song cover on the disc.  This song easily falls into a reggae groove.
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None.

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