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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Various Artists - Chilled Champagne (2002)

One in a series of compilation CDs put out by World Market. Not surprisingly, it's mostly world music or covers of popular tunes done by international musicians. I haven't been to World Market in a while, so I'm not sure if they are still selling these in stores. This is a mixed bag with contemporary music alongside old school jazz & big band music by Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, Terri Thorton, and June Christy which seem to have been chosen because of their alcohol-related titles. In fact, we get two different versions of Blue Champagne. Of the 5 World Market CDs I have, this is the most inconsistent and probably the one I listen to the least.

Tracks: The best track is Les Portes Du Souvenir, a smooth hip-hop song by the French duo Les Nubians. Also good are the acid jazz bossa nova of Bossa Per Due by Nicola Conte, The Beat Goes On by Patricia Barber, and Iceman by Ben Neill. The older music isn't bad (Midnight Sun by Christy is spectacular), it just seems out of place here. The cover of Hey Jude by the Bob Belden Project is skippable as is Brasil 2000 by Zuco 103.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I remember trying to translate the French lyrics on this CD for my wife. It's amazing how quickly you forget two years of high school French!

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