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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Joe Jackson - Night And Day II (2000)

This probably would have played better with a different album title.  As it stands, it's a sequel to one of my favorite albums, 1982's Night and Day.  Unfortunately, this is more like Godfather III than Godfather II.  I fully understand the attraction of revisiting a successful formula, but the decision to produce a sequel invites comparisons to the original and, in this case, that's a tough act to follow.  Wanting it to be like the original is ridiculous and impossible: subject (NYC), musician, and listener had all aged 18 years between releases.  In other words, in 2000, Joe and I were no longer angry young men, just angry men.  Jackson produces this himself instead of getting back original N&D producer David Kershenbaum, but who knows if having Kershenbaum at the controls would have made any difference.  Ultimately, I'm a little disappointed, but at least there are a few good songs I can take away from this release.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: I almost never listen to this all the way through, but when it's good, it's really good.  The best songs are Hell Of A Town (which musically quotes Steppin' Out and lyrically quotes Midnight Cowboy), Stranger Than You, and Glamour And Pain.  Any of those three songs could have fit on the 1982 original.  I don't mind Dear Mom, but I normally skip Why, Love Got Lost (which sounds like it got away from an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical), and Just Because

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Originally this release was highly anticipated by me:  I bought my copy the day of release at a Best Buy instead of waiting for online delivery.  I really wanted to like it in toto, so I gave it lots of playing time for a month or two before losing interest. Now hearing  it just makes me long to hear the original Night And Day CD.

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