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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Joe Jackson - Tucker: The Man And His Dream Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1988)

Soundtrack for Francis Ford Coppola's 1988 film. The album earned Jackson a Grammy nomination for Best Album of Original Instrumental Background Score Written for a Motion Picture or TV. I liked Jackson and I liked the movie, so why not pick up this soundtrack, right? Wrong. All we've got is music derivative of '40s swing (listen to track 16, The Trial - it uses so much of Sophisticated Lady that Duke Ellington should have gotten a writing credit and royalties). Jackson had already done it better with his 1981 Jumpin' Jive album and I didn't even care for that much. So I have absolutely NO idea what's going on here:

I'll admit that the soundtrack supports the mood and period of the movie, so I guess it is successful on those terms, it's just not something I normally listen to.

Tracks: 18 tracks in 44 minutes, so things move pretty fast. The only track that caught my ear was the tasteful piano ballad, Marilee.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I remember seeing the movie in the summer of '88, but no memories come with this CD. This is only the second time I've listened to it.

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