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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Various Artists - Capitol Rare: Funky Notes From The West Coast (1999)

Part of The Blue Series, issued by Blue Note Records.

Blue Note was originally a jazz label, but when it was purchased by EMI, it began a new life as an adult contemporary/jazz/reissue label. Current diversity on the label includes Wynton Marsalis, Al Green, Jeff Bridges, and Norah Jones. Here we have a compilation album that puts together some soul-jazz, funk and soul originally released in the '70s by Capitol/EMI. Some artists I had heard of, most I hadn't. The overall groove of the record could best be described as Earth, Wind & Fire meets Weather Report performed by Donny Hathaway. Overall, it's a mixed bag that bounces from heavy funk to soft rock to experimental jazz to disco to soul to gospel to Latin. It isn't a cohesive album, but you can discover some hidden gems here. Music here released in the years 1971 - 1980, with more than half the tracks released in 1977. It is difficult to find much information about The Blue Series online and the liner notes on this CD don't provide much help. This release was the first time many hard-to-find songs were available on CD. Ironically, it has become an increasingly hard-to-find CD. It's currently available on iTunes, though.


Tracks worth ripping to iTunes are the Gene Harris cover of Stevie Wonder's As, I Love You by A Taste Of Honey, While I'm Alone by Maze, Peace Of Mind by Rance Allen Group, and Inside You by Eddie Henderson.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I picked up this CD about 5 years ago at a used CD store. I've gotten in the habit of buying any CD in The Blue Series when I see them. Some are fantastic, some are just average.

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