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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heaven 17 - Retox/Detox (1998)

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. With this remix compilation, Heaven 17 rounded up some DJs (whoever was popular at the time) and had them remix some of the group's songs. The result is a hot mess: if you're a Heaven 17 fan, you're disappointed; if you like techno music, you're disappointed. Overall, the mixes are not very good, and they do nothing to enhance the original songs. In many cases, the original song is MIA. I was going through my "dance music phase" in 97-98, but even then, this didn't get regular play.

My favorite part of this CD is this quote from the back of the case:

That's disturbingly hilarious.

Tracks: 23 tracks on 2 CDs -the first CD titled Retox, the second, Detox. That might be clever if I knew what they meant by retox and detox. The Detox disc is the better of the two, but the only tracks worth hearing more than once are Ski's remix of Crushed By The Wheels (Of Industry) and the Rhythm Masters remix of Temptation. But not even those two remixes have been ripped to my iTunes.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None.

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