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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Heaven 17 - Endless (1986)

A compilation of 11 of the English synthpop band's extended singles plus an initial "Megamix." The CD is most likely titled Endless because there's no gap between songs, making this the perfect disc for your next retro house party. Or your first retro house party. Whatever. These seamless transitions make these versions a bad choice for ripping into iTunes. That's too bad since some of these remixes aren't available anywhere else. I just found out that there was a 16 track version of this disc released in 2004. While I'm a fan, I don't think I'll be seeking that out.

Tracks: The Megamix is just OK, nothing special. It does contain snippets of songs that don't appear elsewhere on the CD. The best remixes are Penthouse And Pavement, Temptation, Who'll Stop the Rain, Sunset Now, and Crushed By the Wheels Of Industry; the worst are Let Me Go, Counterforce, and And That's No Lie (none of these three are the right tempo for a remix). I was unfamiliar with the song Counterforce; apparently it was the b-side to Sunset Now. Not very good. I wasn't much a fan of the group's How Men Are album, yet 4 of the 11 remixes are from that album.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I remember being initially disappointed in this disc because the songs run together. You know how it is - if you are disappointed in a disc after the first few listens, odds are slim that it will get many more plays.

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