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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Spyro Gyra - Carnaval (1980)

Note: this release was originally purchased as a cassette tape, later replaced by a CD.

Early Spyro Gyra, back when they were experimenting a lot with electronic manipulation of saxophone and trumpet sounds. I don't care for that too much, but I understand they were just experimenting with new sounds. Maybe messing with oscillation was that era's autotune - you did it because everybody else was doing it. As the title implies, this album has a very Latin-flavor, even more than usual for a SG disc. There's also more use of a horn section (featuring The Brecker Brothers) than normal. Interestingly, the bass player on this album is Will Lee, the long-time bassist in David Letterman's house band.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #49
Peak on Billboard's Jazz LPs chart: #2
Peak on Billboard's R&B albums chart: #24    
Peak on Cash Box album chart: #40

Tracks: Of the 8 here, my favorites are Cafe Amore, Cacha├ža Fox Trot, I never skip any of the tracks, but the weakest one is Sweet 'N Savvy. The title track is fun and cheesy in a game-show-theme kind of way.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I originally bought this music in 1984 on a 2-for-1 cassette at the Sound Warehouse in West Oak Malls in Houston. Since I could listen to the whole album without having to flip the cassette, I always listened to the album as a whole which probably explains why I never skip any tracks. Remember when they came out with auto-reverse tape players and we thought life couldn't get much easier? Man, we've come a long way.

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9 down, 14 more to go ;)

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