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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (1959)

The 1986 "Jazz Masterpieces" CD release, notable for 1) not correcting the original recording speed for what was side one (tracks 1-3), which caused this release - and all those prior - to be slightly off-pitch, and 2) the bizarre decision to replace the original artwork with a blurry photo of Miles from his electric period in the '70s.

Regardless, this is still a masterpiece and always a treat to experience. Check out my thoughts on the 1997 reissue here:

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  1. As a beneficiary of your “listen to (this album) at least once a week for six months” advice, I can attest that it certainly has been a gateway to other worlds of music for this listener. I was just pondering last night what an amazing year 1959 was in the world of jazz as I listened to a six-pack of albums released that very year:
    Kind of Blue
    Lady In Satin
    Mingus Ah Um
    Time Out
    Giant Steps

    I’m sure there are more great finds from 1959 and I look forward to enjoying them here ant the Hideaway Club. Any recommendations?