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Friday, July 27, 2018

Various Artists - Ultimate Dance Party 1999 (1998)

This CD was recently gifted to me. I recognize only a few of the tunes by title, so let's give this a spin and 1) see which songs I remember when I hear them, and 2) remind me of how out of touch I was with popular music when I was in my early 30s. Hint: I was not partying like it was 1999.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #69

  1. Too Close by Next (peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100): I vaguely remember this one but I dig the laid-back Chicago-style R&B groove although I wish they'd changed it up every now and then. 
  2. Walkin' On the Sun by Smash Mouth (#2 pop): Remember this, like it, bought the CD.
  3. Feel It (Blunt Edit) by The Tamperer (feat. Maya) (didn't chart Hot 100, but hit #4 on the Dance chart): Never heard this that I can recall. Bad vocals over the baking track from Can You Feel It by The Jacksons. Stick with the latter.
  4. Free (Mood II Swing Radio Mix) by Ultra Naté (#75 pop): No memory of this one. Not a bad dance tune but I'll have forgotten it by this afternoon. Very typical dance beat of the time.
  5. I Say A Little Prayer (Love To Infinity's Classic Radio Mix) by Diana King (#38 pop, #8 dance): a dance version of the classic Bacharach tune re-popularized by the 1997 movie, My Best Friend's Wedding. Not bad for what it is. I think my buddy Scott sent me this one on a mixtape that I wish I still had.
  6. Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Dance Mix) by Deborah Cox (#1 dance): No memory of this one. Then again, there's nothing much memorable about it. Complete waste of a powerhouse voice.
  7. It's Like That by Run-D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins (#14 dance): Heard the 1983 original but not this ill-advised redo.
  8. Cruel Summer (Blazin' Rhythm Remix) by Ace of Base (#10 pop, #10 dance): I had forgotten all about this cover. And for good reason.  I'm getting a headache.
  9. Kiss The Rain (TP2K Remix) by Billie Myers (#15 pop): Remember it, but not a fan. Sounds like Tracy Chapman to these ears. Bad remix to boot.
  10. One More Night (Hani Radio Edit) by Amber. (#58 pop, #9 dance): Remember this, like it, bought the CD. Headache gone.
  11. The First Night (Razor-N-Guido Club Edit) by Monica (#1 pop, #1 dance): Don't remember it, but I kinda dig it.
  12. I'm Leavin' (NYC Rough Club Edit) by Lisa Stansfield (#1 dance): No memory of this one. I've always liked Stansfield sultry voice and this tune is doing nothing to change my mind about that. I'm digging this one, too.
  13. A Rose Is Still A Rose (Rhythm Mix) by Aretha Franklin (#26 pop, #1 dance): I vaguely remember this tune. The Queen of Soul is bringing it plus it's written and produced by Lauryn Hill. Winner.
  14. Everybody (Backstreet's Back) by Backstreet Boys (#4 pop): <puns>Even though I wanted it that way, the group does not got it goin' on so they need to quit playing games with this compilation. </puns> Remember it. Pass.
  15. Still Not A Player by Big Punisher (Feat. Joe) (#24 pop): Don't remember this one. Nobody's ever accused me of being a hip hop aficionado and rightfully so. Nonetheless, I dig the backing tracks here which I can only assume were sampled from a '70s R&B tune.
  16. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See (Radio Edit) by Busta Rhymes. Don't remember this one. It isn't doing much for me, but then again I'm not the target audience. 
  17. Shorty (You Keep Playin' With My Mind) by Imajin (Feat. Keith Murray) (#25 pop). Don't remember this one but I immediately recognized the Dance With Me sample. 

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: In 1998-99, I was working as middle school band director and trying to raise an infant and a 5 year-old. Walkin' On The Sun reminds of that school. I remember listening to a lot of Dave Matthews Band and Ben Folds Five around that time while my friend Scott was inundating me with mixtapes of import dance mixes (mainly Australian) much like these.

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