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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amber - One More Night (1997)

CD Single.

Amber was a one-hit wonder for her 1997 single This Is Your Night from her album of the same name. This song was not her hit, but it's much better than her hit. However, this 10 track "single" contains 8 different remixes of the song plus a couple of versions of Being With You. That's almost an hour of the same song. The shortest remix is 5 1/2 minutes long; the longest is 10:16. This CD was made for club DJ's, not someone trying to listen to all their CDs without skipping. I'll be honest, this one was tough to get through. Not because it is a bad song, but because it's too much of the same song.

Peak on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart: #58 (Feb 21, 1998)

Tracks: My favorite mix is track 2, Hani's Club Mix. Of course, they all start to sound the same after 4 or 5 mixes. There's also two mixes of Amber's bizarre cover of Smokey Robinson's Being With You. They're as bad as techno-soul songs could possibly be. The final tracks is the original album version of One More Night which is interesting because it is originally a mid-tempo song that sounds like something from Olivia Newton-John. In other words, the dance mixes are very different from the original.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Yet another dance single from 1997. I must have been a dancin' fool back then.

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