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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Various Artists - Do Something (1994)

Sold on the cheap at Taco Bell restaurants, this 10 track compilation CD was a fundraiser for the Do Something organization. According to the cover, this was supposed to be an alternative CD, but the inclusion of General Public and Sarah McLachlan doesn't quite work.

Tracks: I think the only tracks worth listening to after 17 years are Low by Cracker, the cover of I'll Take You There by General Public, Leave It Alone by Living Colour, and Miles From Nowhere by The Smithereens. Enigma's Return To Innocence was aggravating in '94 and remains so today. Sarah McLachlan's song Possession is disturbing as ever. Skip those two. The other tracks are harmless and forgettable.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I bought this CD with a couple of 59 cent bean burritos and a soda. How awesome is that?

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