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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jann Arden - Living Under June (1994)


I don't know anything about Jann or this album, so here we go:

Sounds like prototypical female singer/songwriter stuff from the early '90s. I'm betting she appeared at a Lilith Fair or two. No? I sit corrected. She must have turned them down. How about songs appearing on Dawson's Creek? Kinda, but I'll take the win on that count. Heywaitjustaminute - I recognize track 4, Insensitive. Undoubtedly, this is the song the drove the purchase of this CD. Mystery solved. Arden's only Top 40 single, Insensitive peaked at #12 pop and #4 adult contemporary in 1996. Why 2 years after release? Let's see if Wikipedia knows...
The song's US success was assisted by its presence in the film Bed of Roses; although Bed of Roses was not a major success the video for "Insensitive" was aired on an episode of Entertainment Tonight on which the film had been promoted.
Never heard of Bed of Roses? Me, either.

This is all harmless, guitar-driven, mid-tempo, touchy-feely stuff with just enough country influence to make my ears turn off; not much variety and not much here for me. I'll quickly admit, however, that 50 year old males were hardly the target audience for this CD.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #76

Tracks: Other than Insensitive, the only other song that grabbed my ear was Wonderdrug,

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Nope.

*I recently unearthed a CD carry case that my wife used to carry in one or more of our three former minivans.  This month, in the spirit of this blog's mission, I'll be listening to that case's contents.

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