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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dido - Life for Rent (2003)


Innocuous soft rock from the UK - if the songwriting were stronger, I'd probably like the thing. Nonetheless, I'm betting there's at least 4 AC hits among this album's 11 tracks.  To the charts reference books! (One moment, please)


Dagnabbit, missed it by 1. There were three: White Flag (#4), Don't Leave Home (#22), and Sand In My Shoes (#24) all hit the "Adult Top 40." Note: Billboard doesn't use the word "adult" in the same sense as other parts of the entertainment industry. Being a confessed contrarian, my favorite cuts don't include those three.

Metacritic has it rated at 69/100 - I'd go a little lower, but close enough. Favorite review quote from the defunct dotmusic: "...her bland-o-meter appears to be well and truly busted." This album would still hold up as background music for your next retro-aughts-cocktail party (serve gingertinis or Smirnoff Ice).

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #4

Tracks: My favorites are Stoned, Mary's In India and Who Makes You Feel. But, like I've already written, the whole thing won't bother anyone much (except for the fact that there's a hidden track stuck on the end).

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Dido reminds me of Scrubs, one of the funniest television shows ever conceived. This type of music also reminds me of the Sliding Doors soundtrack.

*I recently unearthed a CD carry case that my wife used to carry in one or more of our three former minivans.  This month, in the spirit of this blog's mission, I'll be listening to that case's contents.

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