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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Madonna & Missy Elliott - Into The Hollywood Groove (2003)

CD Single

In 2003, Madonna and Missy Elliott ran this ad for The Gap:

This was the promo CD tie-in with the ad campaign.

Tracks: 2 tracks, 8½ minutes.  The first track is the audio used in the above ad, a clever mash-up of Into The Groove and Madonna's current single Hollywood, with a guest appearance by Missy Elliott.  The second track is the 7 minute "Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duck Mix" of Hollywood.  I don't remember ever hearing Hollywood other than on this single, so I obviously wasn't hitting the clubs in 2003 as it was a #1 dance single on the Billboard charts.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: You know the drill: buy a pair of jeans at the Gap and get a free Madonna CD single.  Evidently we did that.  My youngest son's nickname at the time was Hollywood, so he loved it.

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