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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Repercussions - Earth And Heaven (1995)

Japanese Import

Back in October, I posted about a CD by Raw Stylus titled Pushing Against The Flow.  A faithful reader and Twitter follower (@dirkdigglinator) immediately responded with the recommendation of this CD so I picked up a copy of this CD and its 1997 follow-up on eBay.  I was not disappointed.  I've gotten to where I prefer this CD to the Raw Stylus.  While the two albums are very similar (they share Gary Katz as a producer), this group's writing is much better.  Instead of acid jazz, this is better described as jazz/R&B - more groove oriented than dance oriented and much more melodic.  The band was a 6 piece collective from NYC closely associated with The Groove Academy.  Standout performances by bassist Jonathan Maron.  I was previously unfamiliar with the group, but they've got some guest artists whose names I recognize: Joe Sample, Don Grolnick, and a horn section led by the legendary Jerry Hey.  That horn section gives certain songs a particular sound that reminds me of early '80s Al Jarreau (the horn section is almost identical to that on Jarreau and other West Coast classics).  This album didn't sell well domestically, probably because the people at Reprise had no idea how to market this sound.  Too bad, because it's good stuff. 

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks:  The album is strong throughout so it's hard to pick favorites, but today I'm liking Find Your Way, Promise Me Nothing, and Keepin' It All Together.  This import copy has a bonus track, Let's Do It Again, which is a pleasant surprise tacked on at the end.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None, but whenever I post about a CD imported from Japan, someone usually emails me and asks if I have the obi strip (or spine card).  This time, the answer is yes:


  1. Finding the Dirkster and I have more and more in common musically. It's like he's the long-lost little brother which my parents failed to provide for me.

    This is some great groovy stuff. Couldn't agree with your analysis more although I am tres jealous about your Japanese bonus track - my US CD is lacking. And the news that they did a follow-up album is more great news I never knew. Adding it to wish list now.

    As an amateur obi aficionado, that is one fine example you posted there. Very colorful.

  2. I know for a fact that Mom always liked you best, Herc... That's why you got to go on the "Vinyl Odyssey" instead of me.