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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Various Artists - Capitol Rare: Funky Notes From The West Coast, Vol. 2 (1999)

Part of The Blue Series, issued by Blue Note Records.

Earlier, I posted about the first volume of Capitol Rare. As the name implies, this compilation includes even more rare grooves from the Capitol/EMI vaults. Volume 1 had songs from the years 1971 -1980, volume 2 covers the years 1969 - 1981 and many artists appear on both volumes. I think volume 2 is the stronger volume.  As with volume 1, there's artists whose names I recognize and many that I do not.  Lots of instrumentals.  Many of these tunes have since been sampled by hip-hop artists.  Evidently there's a third volume; I haven't come across that one yet (but I'm looking).  Plenty to enjoy here - this compilation grooves. 

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart


Starts off strong with two cuts from 1981: Sheree Brown's singing It's A Pleasure and Before You Break My Heart by Gene Dunlap.  Also good are Expressway To Your Heart by Margo Thunder and Inside My Love by the incomparable Minnie Riperton.  I didn't think I'd like Carmen McRae's cover of Can't Hide Love, but it's just different enough to stand out. The most bizarre track is Space Spiritual by the Nat Adderly Sextet, but even that track eventually gets to a great groove.  Don't skip any tracks.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  None, but now I want to go digging into the stacks at a vinyl store to see if I can find some of these old LPs.

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