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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams (2005)

Johnson has a singer-songwriter formula that works for him: mellow, folksy, feel good songs that put his relaxed voice together with a guitar. He doesn't take risks and doesn't really need to. Hey, that same formula worked for years for James Taylor, so it's got a proven track record. This CD is a stress-buster, for sure. But Johnson's formula is pretty one dimensional and gets old pretty quick. Maybe that's why this is the only Jack Johnson album I have. Still, if you need some background music while watching a summer sunset, you could do worse.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #2 (March 26, 2005)

Tracks: Never Know is by far the best song on the album, but Better Together, Banana Pancakes, Good People, and Sitting Waiting Wishing are all good songs. Unfortunately, this album falls apart at the end (how long has it been since I wrote that about a CD?!?).

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: This CD reminds me of the first college course I ever taught, fall semester 2005. Not long into the semester, a female student came to class wearing a t-shirt with a picture of this album cover on the front. I was able to have a conversation with an undergrad about contemporary music and immediately became the cool teacher. Unfortunately, that designation only lasts until the next exam.

A few months after that, I happened to be sitting near some 6th grade girls (just my luck) and one of them had Banana Pancakes as her ring tone.

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