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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Duncan Sheik - Reasons for Living (1997)

CD Single

If it's '97, then this must be a dance remix CD. I don't mind admitting I love disco music and that I'm still stuck in the '80s, but this dance phase I went through around 1997 is a little embarrassing. I'm going to blame it on my friend Scott, who got me listening to this stuff. I guess it was OK when I was 30, but now it's just mind-numbing. Around '97, it was very popular to take slower songs and but a backbeat to them and call them a dance single (see EBTG's Missing or Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart). I think Sheik's self-titled debut album is one of the best rainy day CDs I have, but these remixes are all pretty forgettable.

1. Johnny Vicious Mix - 11 minutes long and Sheik sings in about 2 of those. I guess that's a typical remix for that time.
2. P.Q.M.'s Bootleg Revisited Mix - another common technique around '97 was to take one snippet of lyric and replay it over and over and over as a bass drum pounded beneath. For this mix, the oft-repeated lyric is "Welcome to another day." It's heard at least 100 times in 6 minutes.
3. La Leche Mix - this mix is probably the closest to the original song. You can actually hear the underlying chord structure. As a result, it's the best remix on the disc.
4. Madamix - now they're all starting to sound the same. The oft-repeated lyric in this mix is "Try to remember..."
5. Vicious Groove-A-Pella - the title of this remix suggests an a cappella treatment. Unfortunately, there's no a cappella. There's no groove either.
6. LP Mix - proves that the song was fine as it was.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: This is probably only the second time this particular disc has been put in a CD player.

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