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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Everything But The Girl - Missing (1995)

CD single

Pop/folk duo Everything But The Girl handed over a track from their 1994 album, Amplified Heart, to house music producer Todd Terry. He remixed the cut and it not only became a huge international dance hit for the band, it changed the direction of their music. Following the success of this single, the duo started releasing only house music.

Tracks: The Todd Terry Club mixes are all good. I'm not a fan of the Rockin' Blue or Full On Club Mixes. Even though I like most of the dance tracks, my favorite version of the song still remains the relaxed, mellow album version, which is also included here.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: This CD reminds me how I gave up on the group when they changed styles. I bought the follow-up to this single, but quickly sold it back to a used CD place. As far as new music, I was done with EBTG. And, after listening to 6 versions of the same song, I'm reminded why I no longer purchase CD remix singles. What am I? A club DJ?

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