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Friday, January 21, 2011

ABBA - Gold: Greatest Hits (1992)


19 tracks and you know them all (even if you'd never admit it).

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #63 (Oct 9, 1993)

Tracks: It's hard to pick favorites, but I'll give it a shot. Dancing Queen might have been my favorite song of 1977. Other picks would include Take A Chance On Me, S.O.S., Lay All Your Love On Me, Mamma Mia, Does Your Mother Know, and Waterloo. If were to skip some tracks, they would probably be The Winner Takes It All, Thank You For The Music, and One Of Us.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Lots of memories associated with this music, but most recently, around Labor Day 2009, we watched a Blu-Ray of Mamma Mia! with a group of about 13 or 14 friends crammed into our living room and we all had a great time (there's a possibility that alcohol may have been involved). Singing and dancing kept on after the movie ended. To this day, this disc remains on heavy rotation in the family car.

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