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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Music from the Motion Picture Heaven's Prisoners (1996)

Never saw this movie. I don't think many people did. Don't have any idea what it's about. However, the CD is subtitled "A Blues Compilation" and, as such, is excellent. All the big names are here, from Albert King to Buddy Guy to B.B. King to Stevie Ray Vaughan. And even though his mug is plastered all over the cover, Alec Baldwin does not contribute a track to the CD. Thanks, Alec: we owe you one. It's a good CD, and while I love blues music, I can't take more than a hour of it at a time, so this is a perfect listen - it provides a variety of artists and styles of blues while clocking in at around 50 minutes.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: Buddy Guy's take on Red House is (dare I say it?) better than Jimi Hendrix's version. B.B. King's classic The Thrill is Gone makes an appearance and it's as good now as it was in the '60s. Twenty Ton Weight is a great track by a group I had never heard of before, The Hoax. They're apparently a British group that listens to nothing but Stevie Ray Vaughan recordings. Maybe it's just the Texan in me, but SRV's contribution, The Things (That) I Used to Do is the finest cut on the CD.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I've racked my brain trying to remember how I became aware of this CD, but I'm drawing a blank.

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