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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Missing Persons/The Motels - Back 2 Back Hits (1997)

In the late '90s, EMI-Capitol Music had the brilliant idea of putting together these budget discs consisting of 5 hits each from various acts that weren't consistent chart-toppers, but weren't one-hit wonders, either. A great way to hear the songs you know without having to go deep into the artists' catalogs for the sake of filling out a disc. For this particular release, the label has paired two early '80s Los Angeles-based new wave groups.

Tracks: Of the 5 Missing Persons cuts, we get their 3 hits from the Spring Session M LP: Destination Unknown, Walking in L.A., and Words. All very similar, but if you like them, that's a good thing. The remaining two tracks, Windows and Give are from the group's 1984 album, Rhyme and Reason. Windows isn't too bad, I may remember it from the radio.

I was familiar with all The Motels cuts even though I never owned one of their records. Suddenly Last Summer is my fav. The song Take the L has hilarious lyrics ("Take the L out of lover and it's over"), but it is sung with such earnestness that it makes me chuckle. I think singer Martha Davis has a great voice for pop music.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: When I was about 17 or 18, I tried a project similar to this CD project but with one difference - I was going to listen to all of my record albums in their entirety, but in alphabetical order. I think Spring Session M had such awful filler tracks that I gave up on the project after forcing myself to listen to that album. That's the main reason why I'm not listening to these CDs in alphabetical order.


  1. Seems like I remember a Motels song called Total Control (I'd sell my soul for total control). That made an impression on me. Missing Persons, not so much.

  2. Love love love the song with the "hilarious lyrics" and earnest vocals. The whole All Four One album was the shiznit for a brief period (Spring of Sophomore year, 1982) in my life and I still drag it out on occasion. "Only The Lonely" is another great tune from the album.

    Jim is spot on - they had an earlier song called "Total Control" and served it up with a sax solo.

    As for Missing Persons, I picked up their original 1980 EP(not the Capitol re-release in 1982) based on cover and $1.99 price at Al Bum's in 1981. Love me some "Mental Hopscotch" and "Destination Unknown". When Spring Session M (anagram title to boot) finally came out in 1982 it included only "Destination Unknown" from the EP. The CD was later re-issued with bonus tracks of "Mental Hopscotch" and "Hello I Love You" from the EP though. And a later re-issue of Rhyme & Reason featured a live take of the sole remaining unissued EP track "I Like Boys".

    Even if I am not a fan of Lady GaGa's many many many looks, I think the cover of Spring Session M could be her.