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Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Very Best Of England Dan & John Ford Coley (1996)

A 16 track compilation from Rhino featuring the soft-country-rock hit-making duo from Dallas. Tracks selected from the years 1976-1981, a time when the duo hit the Top 40 a total of 6 times. All those Top 40 tracks are present here, along with some less successful singles and album cuts.

Although track 4, Showboat Gambler, is a bit too country for my taste, this is a solid, enjoyable, soft rock set. While the duo wrote most of their own music, their big hits were written by other songwriters, including Randy Goodrum and Todd Rundgren.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart


1.I'd Really Love To See You Tonight21
2.Nights Are Forever Without You106

4.Showboat Gambler

5.The Prisoner

6.Westward Wind
7.It's Sad To Belong211
8.Soldier In The Rain

9.Gone Too Far238
10.We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again91
11.Who's Lonely Now

12.Some Things Don't Come Easy

13.What Can I Do With This Broken Heart5012
14.Love Is The Answer101
15.Why Is It Me

16.Part Of Me Part Of You

Tracks 1-6 taken from the 1976 gold album, Nights Are Forever; tracks 7-9 taken from the 1977 album, Dowdy Ferry Road; tracks 10-12 taken from the 1978 album Some Things Don't Come Easy; tracks 13 & 14 taken from the 1979 album, Dr. Heckle And Mr. Jive; 15 from a 1979 greatest hits compilation; and 16 from the soundtrack to the movie, Just Tell Me You Love Me.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Early on in the life of the iTunes app (2005, maybe?) I purchased an 5 track EP titled Rhino Hi-Five: England Dan & John Ford Coley. In typical Apple fashion, there's now no evidence that I ever purchased those files on my account, but they'd be happy to resell them to me for $3.99 or maybe I'd like to subscribe to Apple Music instead? Sheesh.

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