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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Various Artists - Windham Hill - The First Ten Years (1990)

Today marks the tenth anniversary of The CD Project and I'll admit that I bought this 2 disc set based mainly on its title and solely for the purpose of featuring it today. But it's fitting so I make no apologies. Here's the gist of this new age compilation directly from the liner notes:

Note: label founder William Ackerman doesn't care for the term 'new age' when describing Windham Hill:
We actually pre-date the term considerably, and I don't see why we should be particularly enthused about settling for it.
However, I believe history will remember the label (1976 - 2007) as synonymous with the genre.

I thought I was quite familiar with the Windham Hill label since I've ben listening to some of its releases since the early '80s. Plus, CDs from William Ackerman, George Winston, and Liz Story have all appeared on this blog. However, after giving these discs a listen, I quickly discovered there were quite a few Windham Hill artists I had never heard nor heard of. Overall, a very relaxing album, as you might expect, but with more variety than most new age albums - a nice primer.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did Not Chart
Peak on the US Billboard New Age album chart: #10


Disc One:
Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter  1977
White Rain 1979
Colors/Dance 1980
Angel's Flight 1982
Bradley's Dream 1983
Afternoon Postlude Soliloquy 1980
2nd Gymnopedie 1979
Homfeld Suite 1980
Rickover's Dream 1983
Variations on Clair De Lune 1979
Oristano Sojourn 1984
Alex de Grassi
George Winston
Aerial Boundaries
Michael Hedges
Egrets 1985
On The Threshold Of Liberty 1983

Disc Two:
Welcoming 1985
The 19A 1984
Montana Half Light 1985
Pittsburgh 1901 (Theme From Mrs. Soffel)
Mark Isham
The Calling 1986
Scott Cossu w/Eugene Friesen
Dolphins 1985
Wishing Well 1987
Theme for Naomi Uemura
Philip Aaberg
Toys Not Ties
Close Cover 1986
To The Well 1987
Hot Beach 1982
New Waltz 1985
William Ackerman
Woman At The Well 1987

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None

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