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Friday, January 6, 2017

Various Artists - Windham Hill Records Sampler '94 (1994)

In today's world, there's no need for label samplers such as this because of streaming and file sharing. So this relic is a product of a bygone era (melodramatic much?). Likewise, much has been made of the impending doom of the compact disc (ain't gonna happen if I can help it, folks). But it's a great time for CD buyers like myself as people are discarding CDs as if they were iPhone 3Gs and I'm here to happily pick up the leftovers like a dog under a dinner table. For example, I got this disc as part of a 39 CD lot recently purchased on eBay for only $10. I'll do the math for ya: just under 26¢ per CD.

Anyhoo, this CD is as advertised. Tracks from Windham Hill label's New Age/World Music/ambient noodling/yoga music releases. To be honest, I'm unfamiliar with most of these artists as I had already been through my Windham Hill phase back in the '80s. However, it's very relaxing and I'm digging it more than I thought I might. I woulda paid twice the price I paid. Surprisingly good compilation when considering the label, then 18 years old, was in flux (Windham Hill was purchased by BMG through a series of buyouts from 1992 through 1996).

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart
Peak on the US Billboard New Age Chart: #2*

Tracks: 13 tracks, 61 minutes
  1. Bright Sky by Alex De Grassi ✔
  2. Love on Three Levels by Psychograss
  3. Sentimental Walk by Philip Aaberg ✔
  4. Pavanne by Steve Erquiaga ✔
  5. Night In That Land by Nightnoise ✘
  6. Patu by Aquarela Carioca
  7. Firewater by Gaia
  8. How Insensitive by Liz Story
  9. A Happy Home in Kathmandu by Will Ackerman
  10. Redonda by Modern Mandolin Quartet
  11. Pas de Deux by Scott Cossu 
  12. My Heart by Øystein Sevåg ✘
  13. Ivory by Ray Lynch ✘
Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None

*I had no idea until today that Billboard had ever produced a New Age album chart and evidently it's still going strong. In any case, this particular sampler was kept out of the top spot on said chart by a live Yanni album.

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