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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Various Artists - Smooth Grooves: Smooth Jazz, Vol. 1 (2000)

"...the music on the package creates a tapestry of hip, smooth, groove-oriented music, offering the very best in the sophisticated smooth jazz experience."

The first of three discs in this smooth jazz series from the Rhino label. With one outlier from 1991, the tunes selected are from the years 1976-85, which is my sweet spot as that's when I was discovering the genre, often through the very albums represented here. Selections mainly from the Blue Note, CBS, and Warner Bros. families of labels. This three volume series may be the best smooth jazz primer ever put to compact disc. Shame it's out of print. As with all Rhino releases, but 'em when ya see 'em.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: 12 tracks, 62 minutes. Included with the title and artist below is the album and it's peak on the Billboard Jazz LP chart. And if you have an interest in those jazz charts, you might enjoy this Whitburnesque aggregate I put together a few years back: Billboard Best Selling Jazz LPs 1976-85.
  1. Friends and Strangers by Ronnie Laws from the 1977 album Friends and Strangers (#2).
  2. The Lady in My Life by Stanley Jordan from the 1985 album Magic Touch (#1).
  3. Bali Run by Fourplay from the 1991 album Fourplay (#1).
  4. Angela (Theme from "Taxi") by Bob James from the 1978 album Touchdown (#1).
  5. It's Almost Gone by Yellowjackets from the 1981 album Yellowjackets (#18).
  6. Song For You by Rodney Franklin from the 1985 album Skydance (#31).
  7. Wanderlust by Mike Mainieri from the 1981 album Wanderlust (#32).
  8. Straight To The Heart by David Sanborn from the 1982 album As We Speak (#1).
  9. Funk In A Mason Jar by Harvey Mason from the 1977 album Funk In A Mason Jar (#9).
  10. May I Have This Dance? (Concede-Me Esta Dança?) by Azymuth from the 1981 album Telecommunication (#9).
  11. Priscilla by Yellowjackets from the 1981 album Yellowjackets.
  12. Twinkle by Earl Klugh from the 1981 album Crazy For You (#2).
Today, my top picks are tracks 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, & 12 (yes, I know that's 2/3 of the tracks) but they're all enjoyable. The "new to me" surprise was the solo vibraphone piece by Mike Mainieri - I'll now look for a copy of that Wanderlust album (update - found and ordered. Look for it soon on a CD blog near you.)

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: None.

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Artists making multiple appearances in the series:
David Sanborn (3)
Yellowjackets (3)
Bob James (2)
John Klemmer (2)
Steps Ahead (2)
Dexter Wansel (2)

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