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Sunday, July 10, 2016

All Saints (1997)



From the All Music: "BRIT Award-winning all-female vocal group whose soulful pop music first hit the charts in the late '90s."

From the Wikipedia: "British girl band"

From Mark: weak sauce Spice Girls wannabes (pun intended). I don't really want to listen to the Spice Girls, either. Not terrible, but not terribly interesting. For this type of music, give me Eternal.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #40

Tracks: Guessing my wife bought this for the lead track Never Ever, which charted at #4 in the Billboard Hot 100. It's a long, slow, repetitive shuffle that I kinda sorta remember. The album does contain some laughable covers of Under The Bridge and Lady Marmalade. The best song on the disc is Heaven.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: Nope.

*I recently unearthed a CD carry case that my wife used to carry in one or more of our three former minivans.  This month, in the spirit of this blog's mission, I'll be listening to that case's contents.

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