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Friday, February 26, 2016

Action Figure Party (2001)

So I'm on a business trip and find myself sitting alone at a local watering hole, people watching and imbibing.  Whatever music service this joint subscribes to is right up my alley: Chicago, New Order, Allman Brothers, Stealers Wheel - a great mix.  And then this instrumental comes on and sends me scrambling for the Shazam app.  The song was Everybody Ready by Action Figure Party.  Wha? Never heard of 'em, but the song was too good to pass up.  Fortunately for me, people that originally bought the CD disagreed because I was able to find a used copy for $3.95, including shipping.

The brainchild of leader Greg Kurstin, what we've got here is a mixed bag, but I like the variety. The label says "file under: rock/pop" but the only chart this hit was a contemporary jazz chart. Some songs try to be Steely Dan, but others try to Incognito or Ramsey Lewis or late '60s-era Miles.  This album is:
  1. Smooth jazz
  2. Acid jazz
  3. Straight-ahead jazz
  4. All of the above
The answer, of course, is D. Something for everybody! What do you expect when you've got Flea on bass and Sean Lennon on turntables?

Turns out the touring group opened a few shows for Barenaked Ladies, which is an odd pairing but promotion is promotion.  Nonetheless, I'm glad I found this one and will enjoy hearing these songs shuffle around every now and again.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart
Peak on the US Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart: #22

Tracks:  My faves are Everybody Ready, Where's The Moment, and The Clapper. Skip the tracks No Sleep and George & Cindy.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: see above

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  1. Thanks for hopping me to this one.

    After reading up on Greg, it's obvious that he is a well-respected musician's musician and has been involved in a lot of my favorite songs.