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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Phil Collins - ...Hits (1998)


Now here's a man who isn't afraid to put his mug on an album cover!  But I gotta admit there's some truth in advertising in the compilation's title. I prefer his '80s stuff with Genesis, put this is certainly a decent disc with lots of hits.  For almost two decades, he was a hit-making machine, no?  Other than closing with Take Me Home, the sequencing doesn't make any sense, but this is the kind of CD that's best listened to on shuffle anyway.  All told, I prefer the Phil that wants to be in Earth Wind & Fire or a Motown group over the Phil that wants to be a crooner.

No liner notes; just credits and at least 8 more pictures of Collins' face.  Below, I've marked my favorites with a ✔ and tracks I skip with a ✘.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart:  #18

Tracks:  16 tracks, 75 minutes.

Another Day In Paradise19891
True Colors1998112
Easy Lover19852
You Can't Hurry Love198210
Two Hearts19881
I Wish It Would Rain Down19893
Against All Odds19841
Something Happened On The Way To Heaven19894
Separate Lives19851
Both Sides Of The Story199325
One More Night19851
Sussudio 19851
Dance Into The Light 199645
A Groovy Kind Of Love19881
In The Air Tonight198119
Take Me Home19857

Missing Top 40 hits: I Missed Again (#19, 1981),  I Don't Care Anymore (#39, 1983), Don't Lose My Number (#4, 1985), Do You Remember (#4, 1990), Hang In Long Enough (#23, 1990), Everyday (#24, 1994).  Any of the first three listed would have been welcome additions to this compilation.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  I can't hear In The Air Tonight without thinking of Miami Vice.  Also, songs from the Hello I Must Be Going album remind me of my friend Scott who loved the cover of The Supremes' You Can't Hurry Love and was in a big hurry to buy the album.  We scoured our small town one Sunday afternoon and finally found a copy in a supermarket.  He was so excited until remembered the blue laws. [sad trombone sound]

And, no, I've never seen Buster, and have no plans to see it.

Ed. note: I wanted to use the  phrase "Hit-Philled" somewhere above but thought better of it. I mention it here so I get credit for my restraint.

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