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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Walter Becker - 11 Tracks of Whack (1994)

I'd like to give you an intelligent breakdown of this album, how it relates to earlier Steely Dan releases, maybe even compare it to Donald Fagen solo albums. I can't, however, because the mix is so bad on this release, all I hear are drums. Drums.  DRUMS.  I've listened to the CD on multiple players and the results are always the same.  Drums.  (Or, more accurately, drum machine)

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

Tracks: Drums

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  A sailor is shipwrecked on a jungle island in the South Pacific. The man is greeted by friendly island natives and welcomed to their village. In the distance, he hears the sound of drums.  The drums play non-stop for hours, prompting the sailor to ask a native what the drums are for.  The native gets a look of terror in his eyes and runs away screaming.  The sailor asks another native and gets the same reaction. Yet another native asked, same reaction.  The sailor shrugs and calls it a night.  All through the night the drums keep on, keeping the sailor from sleep. In the morning, the sailor seeks out the chief.  Bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, the sailor pleads to know why the drums won't stop.  The chief looks horrified, but simply answers, "When drum solo stop, sax solo start."

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