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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Glenn Tilbrook - The Incomplete Glenn Tilbrook (2001)

UK Import

Note: my copy contains a bonus CD titled The Completely Acoustic Glenn Tilbrook containing acoustic versions of 9 of the original album's 12 songs.

Tilbrook's first solo album, this release came after the second breakup of Tilbrook's band Squeeze.   All the characteristics of a typical Tilbrook song are evident throughout: the blue-eyed soul influences and the unusual, disjunct chord progressions that somehow work, melodies that take a few listens to grow on you, and Tilbrook's smooth voice and underrated guitar playing.  Tilbrook works closely with his co-producer Andy Metcalfe; other collaborators include Ron Sexsmith and Aimee Mann.  A great pop album - definitely a step up from the Squeeze albums of the 1990's.  In fact, the only thing that makes this different from a Squeeze release are Chris Difford's metaphorical lyrics and bass voice singing the melody an octave below Tilbrook.  And while Difford is missed, this is a welcome addition to Tilbrook's CV.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart:  Did not chart

Tracks:  I'm hooked from the psuedo-Motown downbeat of the opening track, This Is Where You Ain't.  Also good are Parallel World, G.S.O.H. Essential (I'm guessing G.S.O.H. stands for good sense of humor, but don't hold me to that), the humorous Interviewing Randy Newman, You See Me, and I Won't See You.  The only track I normally skip is the manic Up The Creek, which is a good song betrayed by its production.   And if you didn't already think that Glenn had a G.S.O.H., check out the names of the last three tracks:

Bonus CD:  The bonus disc is as advertised: acoustic versions of the album cuts, recorded in the studio.  On most tracks, it's just Glenn singing and accompanying himself on guitar.  Since the songs are so well-written, they translate well in the acoustic setting and in no way come off as demos.  I don't skip any of it.  At 32 minutes, the disc is over all too soon, but since it was a bonus, I won't complain too much.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  In this earlier post, I wrote, "I'll probably go buy a couple of Glenn's solo CDs."  And I did.  And then I kicked myself for not buying this one sooner.

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