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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Best of The Who: The Millennium Collection (1999)

What's not to like? Budget-priced compilation featuring 10 classic rock smashes from The Who.  My only complaint is that Baba O'Riley didn't make the cut.  However, I'm pleased they put all 8½ glorious minutes of Won't Get Fooled Again on the disc instead of the 3½ minute single version.  There are more complete Who compilations, of course, but they aren't readily available at <$4 a pop.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart:  Did not chart

Play all, in any order:
  1. My Generation (1965), peaked at #74 on Billboard Hot 100
  2. Happy Jack  (1966), #24
  3. I Can See For Miles (1967), #9 - amazingly, the band's only US top ten single
  4. Magic Bus (1968), #25
  5. Pinball Wizard (1969), #19
  6. Squeeze Box (1975), #16
  7. Behind Blue Eyes (1971), #34
  8. Who Are You (1978), #14
  9. Join Together (1972), #17
  10. Won't Get Fooled Again (1971), #15
Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  Bought it.  Lost it.  Bought another copy.

During my early years of teaching, I would use the term "Happy Jack" to describe students that acted unnecessarily silly: "Quit acting like a Happy Jack, ya goofball."  Surprisingly, that term caught on and the students started using it towards each other, even going so far as to draw a picture of Happy Jack and have t-shirts printed up with the picture on the front. Try as I might, I've been unable to unearth a copy of that picture for you today.

When impressed with something, my good friend Richard often comments, "Too much!  The magic bus."  

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  1. No "Baba O'Riley"?!? That song alone is worth 4 bucks, for crying out loud! I think the teacher in you ought to think about holding "The Millennium Collection" back a year.

  2. Maybe you two can help me out. Been looking for a Who song forever but it doesn't seem to be on any of their albums. Maybe it's a single only release. Anyway, it's called 'Teenage Wasteland"