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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Order - (the best of) New Order (1995)

A fairly good survey of New Order, 1981-1995, and a perfect CD for highway driving.  This compilation primarily consists of 7" mixes of the group's UK & US singles, including several previously unreleased remixes. Two downsides: 1) many of the songs are severely cut down for length, which (hopefully) will drive the listener to find the original album versions, or better yet, the extended mixes, and 2) poor liner notes.  This disc is still available, though it was superseded by the 2005 two disc compilation, titled Singles, or you can go old school and select Substance 1987.

I love the sound of Bernard Sumner's voice over Peter Hook's bass lines.  I wish those two boys could get along.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #78

Tracks:  17 tracks, 71 minutes.  All good - nothing to skip here. Favorites include Dreams Never End, True Faith-94, Bizarre Love Triangle, Regret, and the "machine designed to make people dance," Blue Monday-88.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  Considering the playing time this CD gets, I'm surprised there are no memories attached.

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  1. New Order is not an edited for radio length singles band - their songs should be heard in their full album length or, preferably, in extended or remixed form.

    Substance 1987 is really the only way to go - for the band's early years and 12" singles including b-sides.

    But they didn't stop recording good stuff in 1987, so one must seek out the rest of their story via (the best of) New Order (1995), International (2003), Retro (2003), Singles (2005) or Total (2011) which includes a few Joy Division songs.

    There's also a promo only disc 20 Years Of New Order (2001) which contains an assortment of album and 7" single versions as well as three Joy Division tracks among the eighteen total.