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Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Order - Get Ready (2001)

I'm sure that others would disagree, but I think New Order has a very distinctive style. Bernard Sumner has a recognizable voice and Peter Hook's bass playing style is unique. And while people don't usually think of New Order as a guitar band, the group simply uses guitars in interesting ways on most tracks. Another interesting facet of New Order is the fact that there music hasn't really changed much over their 20+ years of existence. In other words, tracks from Get Ready wouldn't be out of place on any of their 80's releases. And for me, that's a good thing.

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: #41 (Nov 3, 2001)

Tracks: Let's be honest - much of New Order's music sounds the same, which is part of their appeal. But, for me, the stand out tracks are Crystal, 60 Miles an Hour, and Rock the Shack.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD: I remember buying this CD at a used CD store in San Antonio about 2005 or 2006, but the songs don't trigger any specific memories.


  1. My love affair with the music of New Order has been documented at the links below:

    Part One

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    I continue buying their every release - most recently Live at Bestival 2012

    Seek out cover versions of "Bizarre Love Triangle" on the soundtracks to Reality Bites and Not Just Another Teen Movie.

    1. Nice posts. You're more of a NO fan than I am, but I have enjoyed reading Peter Hook's books (as slanted as they may be). I have the Bad Lieutenant album and don't care for it much. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I am just now discovering Electronic.