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Friday, October 25, 2013

Spandau Ballet - The Twelve Inch Mixes (1986)

"IT'S NEW TO ME" WEEK (OCTOBER 20-26, 2013)

UK Import

These songs certainly aren't new to me, but many of these remixes are; I only picked up this disc a few months ago.  This is a compilation of 13 remixes of singles originally released in the years 1980-1984.  While I owned a couple of Spandau Ballet albums in the early '80s (True & Parade), I'm surprised I never owned a 12" single by the group.  Since I like most of the group's singles, it makes sense I'd like this too.  I like about half of the tracks as the others don't really add much to the originals.   Main complaints: I would have preferred chronological order plus the remixes of Instinction and True are both shorter than their original album versions.  

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart:  Did not chart

 Single charts YearU.K. U.S.
 Gold 1983229
 Lifeline 19827
 Round And Round 198419
 Only When You Leave 1984334
 Instinction 198210
 Highly Restrung 198415
 True 198314
 Communication 19831259
 I'll Fly For You 19849
 To Cut A Long Story Short19805
 Chant No. 1 19813
 The Freeze 198117
 Musclebound 198110

The US vs UK chart positions explain why I had to get this CD as an import.  The better remixes here are of Gold, Round And Round, Highly Restrung, Communication, and Chant No. 1.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  In issue 6 of Classic Pop, the magazine listed its choices for The 50 Best 12" Singles of the 1980s.  Even though it understandably has a British slant, it's a fairly decent list (although I would argue the editors dropped the ball by not putting New Order's Blue Monday in the top spot).  Anyway, the list included Spandau Ballet's remix of Gold which made me think, "I've never heard that before," prompting the immediate purchase of this CD.

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  1. I must have not been drinking the same Kool-Aid and eating the same sugary breakfast cereals as you and Martin (who I beleive ranks their True album numero uno in his book) were in the Eighties, because Spandau sits very low in my favorites. Like near-the-bottom low. Can't explain it - their music just doesn't make me want to hear it again.

    Nevertheless, I'm glad you are still finding "new" music of theirs to listen to - I can appreciate that feeling.

    On a related note, Edward Norton played Izzy LaFontaine, the 3rd generation bassist from Spandau Ballet and was hired by Clair to play a private show for Phil as an anniversary gift in an episode of Modern Family which I though was pretty funny in and of itself until Phil confessed on camera that he never liked the band which was hilarious. Finding out each week that Phil Dunphy and I have more and more in common. (Although my wife resembles Gloria more than Claire.)