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Friday, October 18, 2013

Devil In A Blue Dress: Music From The Motion Picture (1995)

Haven't seen this movie?  You should check it out (I liked it so much, I then read the book).  Starring Denzel Washington, it's a decent film noir set in postwar Los Angeles. Much of the film takes place in LA jazz clubs in 1948 and it was just around this time that R&B started to develop as its own genre, separating itself from jazz.  This perfectly sequenced compilation, a great time capsule, wonderfully captures that transition.  Unlike many soundtracks, these songs actually make an appearance in the film. This brief disc ends with about 7 minutes of the film score by the Oscar-winning film composer Elmer Bernstein.  While good, the score doesn't really fit in with the '40s music, but a composer's gotta get some royalties too, right?

Peak on the US Billboard Top 200 chart: Did not chart

ArtistTitleYearTop tracks
T-Bone Walker West Side Baby 1947
Jimmy Witherspoon  Ain't Nobody's Business 1947
Duke Ellington  Hy-Ah Su    ?
Roy Milton   Hop, Skip And Jump1948
Wynonie Harris   Good Rockin' Tonight1948
Pee Wee Crayton   Blues After Hours1948
Bull Moose Jackson   I Can't Go On Without You1947
Thelonious Monk   'Round Midnight1947
Amos Milburn  Chicken Shack Boogie1948
Memphis Slim  Messin' Around1948
Lloyd Glenn  Chica Boo 1951
Elmer Bernstein Theme 1995
Elmer Bernstein  Malibu Chase1995
Elmer Bernstein  End Credits1995

Why isn't Good Rockin' Tonight (written by Roy Brown in 1947) widely considered the first rock song?  It should definitely be in the discussion.

Personal Memory Associated with this CD:  Around the time this movie was released, I heard the crew on a morning radio show discussing the best CD to have playing during, er...let's say..., nocturnal adult activities.  One of the DJ's mentioned this soundtrack, so I picked it up for, um, research purposes.

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